Reclaimed Ebony and Rosewood Hand-made Sterling Silver Chain


Rosewood reclaimed from Gallagher Guitar Sterling silver column with mother-of-pearl fret dot Handmade Sterling silver adjustable slide with hematite bead stops fully adjustable


Rosewood Pendant Hand Cut Rosewood from Gallagher Guitars Polished with Organic Olive Oil and Beeswax Vegan Cord 16 inches long adjustable


100% Reclaimed Luthier Wood Organic Olive oil and Beeswax Finish Hand Stamped Brass Vegan Adjustable Tie 15 inches Limited Quantities


Dot Lariat Mother-of-pearl Fret Dots Approx. 20 inches


Rambler Bangle Vegan "Stay Put" Handmade Sterling Silver Pins Opening approx. 2.5 inches (small)


Petite Guitar Necklace 16" Sterling Silver Chain Mother of Pearl


Varick Signature Necklace 

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